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[Chihaya’s] a girl who thinks about things in a way that makes her look thoughtless, but she does think about them… I think.

Taeko Miyauchi, Chihayafuru 2 episode 3

Dear A-1 Pictures,

Okay, I know you were having fun with From the New World’s changing opening sequences, but after episode 16, I’m thinking that maybe you should cut their budget just a little bit…


Dear Tumblr,

  1. Please stop calling window.focus() in your login page JavaScript. Amazingly enough, when I switch to another tab after clicking on my Tumblr bookmark, I generally expect that I’ll be interacting with that tab. Not yours. Yours can wait.

  2. Is there any reason Markdown preview has been completely, utterly broken for the past several days? I kind of use it. A lot.


Sasami-san@ganbaranai Episode 1 Conjectures

Meanwhile, Omo tries to unpack what’s going on in SHAFT-land:

Did you just watch Sasami-san@ganbaranai episode 1? Did that make sense? No? I don’t know, but there’s plenty to go on from here, even for someone unfamiliar with the source material like me. But it requires some decompression for someone who isn’t neck-deep in Japanese culture and subcultures.

A lot of it arcs back to Shinto mythology. Surprise!

Also from Chihayafuru season 2, episode 1.

Sumire goes on the hunt. Chihayafuru season 2, episode 1.
Remember when SHAFT was constantly running out of money because…
Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Kokoro Connect’s first three arcs, the ones that made up its or…
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Tsukihi goes Gordon Freeman. Nekomonogatari Black episode 1.