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Isn’t it great when your silly jokes cause UI bugs?

Dear Ello,

If you can’t do monospaced text right, don’t do it at all.


So it’s got a lot of problems with its information hierarchy, but I like the visual impact of I/O’s pause menu. The continuously-ticking game timer is a nice nod to the game’s technology-centered plot, even more so when you see it at 60 frames per second instead of the 10 I had to downsample to for this GIF.

Is the word “excessive” not in the vocabulary of Tumblr’s UI designers?

I cannot fathom why the Tumblr dashboard now redirects users to the account registration form instead of the login page when they’re not logged in. Are people without existing accounts likely to navigate directly to the control panel URL? You would think the answer is “no.”

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