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I was hoping for a beautiful marine goddess, but Urara’s close enough. From Tsuritama episode 12, which by the way was a terrific ending to what is possibly the best series of the season. It’s definitely a solid 8 in my books, maybe even a 9. I can’t say I was expecting a show about four high school boys who fish together to have such a memorable cast or epic storytelling. Am I ever glad I was wrong.

noitaminA has been on such a roll lately that I’ve been keeping my eye on the remaining episode count, hoping that the brilliance doesn’t run out before the season ends. It’s so weird to be simultaneously thinking “Aw, we’re already two-thirds of the way done?” and “There are still four whole weeks left?!”

Tsuritama Setting Investigation (Pilgrimage)

Photos of the various parts of Enoshima depicted in Tsuritama, as well as a tour of the “Tsuritama exhibition” at a local museum.

Misaki’s new best friend, from Tsuritama episode 3.

I was going to make another image of Kids on the Slope’s Sentarou talking about his pigeon “girlfriend” (which he named after Sarah Vaughan), but that doesn’t GIF quite so well. I really just wanted an excuse to make some Hatoful Boyfriend jokes, anyway, so maybe it’s better that I didn’t.


Kenji Nakamura’s working on yet another noitaminA series. It’s mildly surprising that he’s back so soon, but what’s even stranger is that this looks like a show about… high school boys who go fishing. Bet you weren’t expecting that from the director of Mononoke – I suppose he’s playing it safe after C ended up being too ambitious for its own good. Atsuya Uki of Cencoroll fame is doing the character designs. Now all that’s left is to figure out what exactly that duck is all about.