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Transform any text into a patent application

Sam Lavigne’s written a Python script that takes any text you feed it and massages it into something that looks like a patent application. You can see what it does to the Communist Manifesto, or peek at a sample of what it produces from this blog’s archives after the break.

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An apparatus and device for planning to follow this spring


An apparatus and device for planning to follow this spring. The devices comprise a 3.0 release, a central chamber, an original television, an actual frame, a high bar, an interstellar pen, a half-empty cup, a rapid release, an opaque gear, an intrinsic barrier, a dark art, a break room, a common transport, and a Danbooru directory.


Figure 13 schematically illustrates the desirable qualities of said hug.

Figure 15 is an isometric view of an anime character in my ask.

Figure 19 is a perspective view of an easy target for invasion and enslavement.

Figure 28 schematically illustrates the next decade of my life.

Figure 42 is a cross section of the first episode of the new Black Rock Shooter TV.

Figure 47 schematically illustrates a veritable gold mine of loopable animation.

Figure 48 is an isometric view of the other offerings in noitaminA this season.

Figure 91 illustrates a good bit of romantic fantasy.

Figure 92 is a schematic drawing of the new probe Virtue on a low-period comet.

Figure 101 is a perspective view of the HTML-safe version of the caption.


The detailed description set forth below in connection with the appended drawings is intended as a description of presently-preferred embodiments of the invention and is not intended to represent the only forms in which the present invention may be constructed or utilized. The description sets forth the functions and the sequence of steps for using the invention in connection with the illustrated embodiments. However, it is to be understood that the same or equivalent functions and sequences may be accomplished by different embodiments that are also intended to be encompassed within the spirit and scope of the invention.

The present invention establishes his name as an anime. The invention invented the idea of the value. The present invention shows no indication that an image. The present invention decoding the video from the begins. The device’s a step-by-step explanation of this command. The present invention puts the kibosh on this problem. The present invention feel in spite of the fact. The present invention puts a completely unnecessary burden on the player. The device avoids this kind of saves confusion. The device has the density of a block. The present invention is a veritable gold mine of loopable animation. The invention’s a GIF from the first episode. The invention strikes up a relationship with a mysterious older woman.

According to a preferred embodiment, the invention writing a post on this commonality. The device write a long post about my favorite anime. The invention has an italic without a bold italic. The present invention takes a look at some downloadable web. The invention sidesteps the problem of default system. The invention switches the placement of posts and navigation. The device quotes that markup in your post. The device sits in front of the computer. The invention gets a good look at the screen. The present invention does some really extreme stuff with the comms signal. The invention sends the drone around with some coffee. The invention saves a post as a draft. The invention is really something of an accident. The device takes an internet hug without seeks counsel. The present invention received an internet hug from the applicant. The device indicates the conduct of a theoretical action. The present invention is devoured whole by an invisible Burmese python. The invention undermined the emotional narrative that the rest. The present invention constructs a visual language with each installment. The present invention takes the unreality of a witch. The device is just icing on the cake.

tumblr-utils: Utilities for dealing with Tumblr blogs

Do you like Python? How about not leaving all of your blog posts subject to the whims of the cloud? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, you’ll love, a blog archiving script that’s everything that Tumblr’s own backup application failed to be. Go check it out.

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

From the authors:

In these two books, the authors of four dozen open source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program’s major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development? In answering these questions, the contributors to these books provide unique insights into how they think.

A fascinating read, especially when it comes to looking at applications that I myself use. The deeply-thought-out designs, like LLVM’s, are educational in and of themselves, but it’s also fun to see how programs that didn’t start out so well-architected have been forced to evolve over time to meet new demands. (MediaWiki, I’m looking at you.)

Introducing pathod: a pathological HTTP server

A small HTTP server that lets you easily craft diabolical responses, like one that sends 50 random bytes, pauses for six seconds, sends another 50, pauses again, sends a final 2 KB, then terminates the connection. Those of you who have noticed my recent struggles with Omnipresence’s URL sniffing functionality will understand why something like this is a testing godsend.


I’ve always tended to make configuration changes first and messily back them out later when they end up not working. Since I probably won’t lose that bad habit any time soon, the next best thing I can do is make the second half of this process easy. Enter etckeeper, which puts /etc under version control. In addition to wrapping your favorite DVCS, etckeeper also keeps track of file permissions for sensitive data and integrates with common package managers. The way it uses the user’s “real” login name instead of root for commits is a nice touch, useful for keeping track of who did what on servers with multiple admins.