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Speak Ruby in Japanese

I am mildly disappointed by the fact that the Japanese Ruby community doesn’t have an amusing non-loanword colloquialism for “hash rocket.”

And we can even add weird things like Array#forty_two. You cannot read the comment here, but it says, ‘Equal to self[41]. Also known as accessing “the reddit”.’ This sort of came out of a thread on reddit where somebody was complaining so loudly – why we would care to add second and third and fourth to Array. ‘This is redundant! There’s already a mathematical approach to doing the same thing!’ It doesn’t make sense to them. It was weird. Like, why would somebody care about this level of aesthetics? And just to spite them, I added forty_two.

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, on why it monkey-patches the Ruby Array class to provide a forty_two method