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Confession: I regularly fix minor mistakes in Git commits I’ve already pushed to public servers by quickly amending HEAD, doing a git push --force, and hoping nobody pulled from the repo in the thirty seconds or so between pushes.

@mnxmnkmnd wrote:

a1616da once more
d69589f line endings
b97ea85 renames
e9d7c07 some notes in preaparation for moving out init
acb94d4 make renames work
f169acf more rename
94c444e this is sad
5cfe32d semicolons
1aaadf9 typos
d251997 lineendings in Run were screwed up
845ccd4 this log is going to look funny when i'm not involved
27f695e holy hell do i hate line endings

lab’s going well. breaking new ground. major advancements

It might be time for you to learn the dark art of rewriting your Git history. Speaking for myself, if it weren’t for git commit --amend and git rebase -i, people would think I wrote all my code drunk.1

  1. I do, but that’s not important. 

Git Koans

Steve Losh:

The novice thought for a few moments, then asked: “Surely some of these could be made more consistent, so as to be easier to remember in the heat of coding?”

Master Git snapped his fingers. A hobgoblin entered the room and ate the novice alive. In the afterlife, the novice was enlightened.