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@abandonedsteel writes:


The thing about the TLR series is that it just hasn’t kept up with recent advancements in the field. I used to recommend the TLR-NP to everyone who asked for first kit recommendations, and I in fact still use mine from time to time. That was over half a decade ago, though, and as much as I’d like to put on the nostalgia goggles and relive the TLR’s glory days, I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that they’re no longer the competitor they once were. The 9Q’s better design and increased feature set more than make up for the relatively small difference in price. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

[This leaves just one unanswered question in my ask box – the winner of my keyboard-mash fiction challenge, and boy, the prompt’s a doozy. I’ll try to finish that as soon as possible. Stay tuned.]