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Posts from April 2015

The internet is for functions that invisibly mess with HTML comments

In other news, I’ve discovered that the Tumblr dashboard defines a JavaScript function called It is, as you might expect, useless – not quite a no-op, but almost essentially so.

An anonymous correspondent writes:

I’m having issues with your most recent tutorial on changing post types because there never seems to be a request made to svc/post/update, even though I am recording requests and responses when saving the post and have tried many times. Any ideas? It’s a text post. Thanks for your time.

I’m not sure what might be causing this, so here’s one random guess – have you tried making a dummy change to the post before saving? If there are no changes, the dashboard code may detect that nothing’s changed and not bother making a request.

Isn’t it great when your silly jokes cause UI bugs?