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Room 208 interactive services are shutting down after April 2019

Long story short: As user activity dwindles, the maintenance burden and security risks are no longer worth it. Thus, come next April:

Since Omnipresence has not been under active development for some time, I recommend chanops switch to a different bot instead of starting their own Omnipresence instance, though I cannot suggest any particular bot as a replacement.

Any further questions can be directed to me on IRC or Twitter. Cheers!

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out

After ages of complaining about Tumblr, I finally went and did something about it. This is something I hacked up in a couple of hours using Tumblr’s JSON export and a static site generator. Maybe someday I’ll post the source code.

You know where to complain if something’s broken.

New look, same great taste

Side One

  1. Cascade
  2. Ill Flower
  3. Flak
  4. Bird Wings
  5. Dead Skin Cells
  6. Lifeforms
  7. Eggshell
  8. Among Myselves

Side Two

  1. Domain
  2. Spineless Jelly
  3. Interstat
  4. Vertical Pig
  5. Cerebral
  6. Life Form Ends
  7. VIT
  8. Omnipresence
  9. Room 208
  10. Elaborate Burn
  11. Little Brother