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Dichotomy 4.1

This minor version adds HTML access keys for certain links and support for the apple-touch-icon used for iOS bookmark and home screen icons.

Dichotomy 4.0

After eight months of sitting dormant in a pre-release branch, here’s a brand-new major version of Dichotomy – major because it makes a couple of backwards-incompatible changes to custom settings. Sorry! I’m trying to keep those to a minimum for future releases.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the new features instead! They include support for avatars (finally) and using profile header images as backgrounds, streamlined desktop layout options, updates to Google Analytics code, and a few tiny fixes here and there.

Version 4.0 will be available on the Tumblr Theme Garden shortly – at least I hope so. As usual, if you have any problems, drop me a message on Tumblr or report an issue on GitHub.

Help break the latest version of Dichotomy

I’m getting ready to roll out a slew of changes as part of Dichotomy 4.0 (four point oh!), and they need to be run through their paces. New features already implemented include support for background images and avatar display using Tumblr’s new global appearance options, more streamlined layout settings, and hypoallergenic fairy dust. An improved responsive design that better adjusts to varying screen sizes is also on the cards. If you’d like to help out, visit @dichotomy-test or slap the raw HTML into your theme editor, and report bugs either on GitHub or by dropping them in my ask box. Thanks!

Dichotomy 3.1

This version of Dichotomy forces a fixed container width even for pages with narrow content, adds support for Google Analytics’ Universal Tracking snippet, and resolves a couple of other minor issues.

Who knows when this version will be available through the Tumblr Theme Garden. I can apparently push changes through GitHub, but if I try to update the theme description Tumblr complains about “invalid theme HTML.” I’m guessing they don’t mean “invalid” the same way the W3C does, because Tumblr mangles the markup so badly that it’s literally impossible to have a blog with valid HTML. Sigh.

A brief follow-up to my previous post on customizing Dichotomy’s fonts: Some users (well, okay, just @spinor) have reported that vertical scrollbars appear on <blockquote> and <pre> elements when using certain typefaces, including Source Code Pro. This is a consequence of these fonts’ character boxes being too tall for the line height (1.2) that Dichotomy uses. You can fix this problem by resetting the height to the font’s default in your custom CSS:

body {
    font-family: "MyFont", monospace;
    line-height: normal;
Using custom fonts with Dichotomy
Dichotomy now available in the Tumblr Theme Garden
Dichotomy 3.0
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