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@mnxmnkmnd writes:

incidentally, the other scanlators’ translation of this bugs me out.

In the past, Japan was only divided into “this” and “that” realm. However at one point in time, “yomi”, the name of “that” realm, was engulfed in chaos due to the dead.

that’s just so unnatural. what does that quote thing even correspond to in japanese? it’s ridiculous in english.

It’s common for Japanese text to use quotation marks for emphasis or to indicate idiosyncratic usage, which isn’t considered improper to the degree that it is with English. Incidentally, the construction “the name of ‘that’ realm” also probably arises from translating the set phrase XというY too literally; a direct translation would be “the Y named/called X,” but nine times out of ten this sounds redundant or out of place in English, and a simple appositive would suffice instead.

The more you know.