Room 208

Elaborate Burn

Observations from episode 9 of Humanity Has Declined:

  1. This was, hands down, the single best episode of anything so far this season, an exponent of what makes this show so great: the fairies’ absurd mix of cheer and darkness, our protagonist’s deadpan responses, and on-point satirical hits that just kept on coming. It’s a shame this appears to be a self-contained episode, because I could have easily seen it extending into a second. Come on, girl – you could have at least declared war on a neighboring island or something!

  2. The fairies are leaders after my own image:

    Protagonist: If you had your own nation, what would you do?

    Fairy A: Taxation.

    Fairy B: Oppression.

    Fairy C: Suppression.

    Fairy D: Persecution!