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Elaborate Burn

Some observations about the name “Analogue: A Hate Story” in typical spoiler-filled fashion after the jump.

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So, what’s in a name?

  1. We see analog(ue) technology as less modern, a regression from digital, hinting at the backwardness of the Mugunghwa’s society.

  2. The game’s story is an allegory – or analogue – for the historical Joseon dynasty, especially in its repressive treatment of women.

  3. *Hyun-ae, we find out, was actually born human, though we’re led to believe at first that she’s never been anything but an AI. This is a reversal of the situation in Digital, where *Emilia is an AI that we initially believe to be human.

  4. The player has to analyze logs to discover what happened aboard the Mugunghwa. (There also happens to be some software for generating Web site access statistics that uses this same pun, modulo English spelling variations.)

The “hate” part is pretty clear. I don’t think that needs explanation.