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A quick guide to Analogue: A Hate Story's endings

Obviously, massive spoilers after the break. (And here’s where I take up space so the next paragraph doesn’t show up on the Tumblr archive page. Someone really ought to change that behavior, you know?)

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Note that once one of the AIs notifies you of the reactor troubles, there is no way to switch to the other one.

  1. *Hyun-ae leaves home, in the care of a new friend. Take *Mute’s questions to *Hyun-ae. Give them to her in order up to question 8, then read the new documents she provides you with. When she asks you for your opinions, answer in a supportive manner. Eventually, she’ll ask you to decrypt block 7 and read the documents there.

    Once you’ve done so, *Hyun-ae will ping you, and tell you to show her “the obvious question”: *Mute’s ninth question. Do that, and read and show her the diary entry that she unlocks. Again, tell her that you trust her when she asks.

    You’ll get dropped back to the home menu. Speak to her one last time. Your response to her first question about ridiculousness doesn’t matter; answer the next two questions by saying that while the two of you don’t have a chance together, you can take her with you anyway. When prompted to download *Hyun-ae’s core at the terminal, say “yes”.

  2. The former bride falls in love for the first time. Much the same as the previous ending; just tell her in the last conversation that you can be together with her. If you made a save at that question, good for you!

    I feel like these first two endings are the easiest to get, and don’t need to be explained here, but for the sake of completeness…

  3. The investigator leaves alone. Once you get super-user access, run download at any time, without taking an AI personality if offered.

  4. The security program is relieved of her duties. Note that *Mute has to believe that you’re male or lesbian in order to offer to come along with you. I believe the latter has to do with your response to the situation in block 2, about Oh So-jin’s affair.

    When *Mute gives you her questions, don’t show them to *Hyun-ae; instead, give them to her, until she asks you why you’re not doing as you’ve been told. Say “no” to her first couple of conjectures, then tell her (twice) that you want to hear the story from her. Keep unlocking new documents until you get the block 8 logs. Show them to her in order, then speak to her when she pings you. Tell her you’ve seen everything, then that you’ll take her with you. Answer “yes” to the terminal download prompt.

  5. Harem ending. I thought this was some kind of joke, but apparently it’s not – it just requires you to use knowledge you can’t have in-character. Notice the document ID search above the block index? You can use this to manually unlock documents that the AIs haven’t given you access to, which you can in turn use to mollify *Mute.

    Ignore the questions she gives you for *Hyun-ae – looking at any one of them will trigger the meltdown sequence, which will block off this ending. Instead, open the Pale Bride’s “I’ll kill them all!” diary entry by entering its ID (6-EUY22) into the search box, and show it to *Mute. She’ll react to it as she does in the other branches. Press on, and show her “Forever silenced” (7-EUX25). Tell her the diary entry is real when she asks, then sit back and watch the two AIs make up. You’ll get the opportunity to download both of them when the time comes, and be treated to an 8-bit version of the credits music.

If you want 100% log completion, don’t show *Mute’s message for Smith Kyung-sam in block 6 to *Hyun-ae; she’ll say she made a mistake and remove your access, leaving you with a one-document hole in your logs.

Updated July 16, 2012 to correct an ID number mistake. Mea culpa.