Room 208

Elaborate Burn

I’m becoming more and more convinced with every episode of Black Rock Shooter that the writers managed to paint themselves into a corner about halfway through the series. Unsure of how to satisfactorily resolve the tangled mess of plot threads that they’d created, and too far deep in the production schedule to simply junk everything and start from scratch, they decided to abandon all pretense of narrative coherence and just go for brazen surrealism and emotional manipulation. After all, if the show’s “real world” is just a carefully prepared lie, who’s to say that all the obvious inconsistencies aren’t intentional? It’s like someone took Lost and decided to cram its basic structure into eight episodes. I can’t even bring myself to be angry that they’re doing this, because it’s actually working – if they tell me the story doesn’t matter any more, I’ll just let them pelt me with pretty pictures ’til the cows come home. This is Guilty Crown made by people willing to admit that they just can’t write an epic. Goddammit.