Room 208

Elaborate Burn

Araragi dodging sharp projectiles like he’s in medieval France.

ffmpeg -ss 0:10:24 -i "[Commie]_Nisemonogatari_-_06_[7A02B0A3].mkv" \
  -t 0:00:07 -s 480x270 -f image2 %03d.png
# some manual culling of frames goes here
convert -delay 1x12 *[02468].png -coalesce \
  -layers OptimizeTransparency pencils.gif

FFmpeg’s animated GIF encoder seems to use a predetermined palette instead of picking one based on the input frames. It’s pretty tragic. On the other hand, trying to do resize operations with ImageMagick is slow as hell.

Most anime is drawn on twos, meaning that the content only actually changes every two frames. Hence the convert invocation picks out just the even-numbered images and halves the framerate. Arguably, you could do this with FFmpeg’s -r parameter, but who cares.