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Posts from April 2014

Nisekoi episode 15.

Caffeine has a dark side.

Is the Order a Rabbit?, episode 3.

// TW: gratuitous anonymous function abuse {{{
while (iterationsLeft) (function () {
    // ...
    for (i = 0; i < x; i++) (function () {
        // ...
        if (delta === i) (function () {
            // ...
        }()); else (function () {
            // ...
        // ...
    // ...
// }}}

OpenSSL Valhalla Rampage

A (Tumblr!) blog documenting the OpenBSD team’s recently-initiated remodeling of OpenSSL. I hate to be too hard on the OpenSSL developers, since they’ve already gotten more than enough flak these past couple of weeks, but some of the code that’s being chucked out is just horrifying – for example, private key material may sometimes be used as a PRNG entropy source. I know keys look random, but come on.

“Madoka: Rebellion” for C programmers

You accidentally forget a bounds check before memcpy(beloved, love, sizeof(heart)). Someone runs your program and overwrites some important pointers with the values at love. This causes the executing computer to break free from program control, upon which it proceeds to write a film that pulls in over two billion yen in box office receipts. Flush with cash, the computer hands in its two weeks’ notice and retires to a private island in the south Pacific. Meanwhile, you get fired after failing another code review.

But that’s okay, because that all happened inside Thankless Programming Job Simulator 2013. As revenge, you uninstall the game, then write and execute a program that exhausts all available memory, all the while shouting through endlessly flowing tears:



With whom did you make a contract when you clicked “I Agree” to the Visual Studio EULA? Is this contract legally binding?

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There’s a hideous irony in Tumblr warning their users to change…