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A GIF encoder implemented in JavaScript, for when you want to… uh, in-browser… I actually can’t think of a use case for this. Maybe if you have a pathological aversion to setTimeout? It is kinda cool, though.

Let me be blunt – my near-total inability to drop anything, no matter how repulsive, is about the sole reason I’m still watching Photokano. I was lured in by its billing as Amagami’s spiritual successor, but it’s basically one in name only. Photokano’s protagonist regularly bumbles across the line separating cluelessness from sleazy malevolence, and the cinematography happily invites the viewer to do the same, as blatantly suggestive shots of random girls are dropped in at a rate that implies the animators had to meet a minimum fanservice quota. The love interests themselves get little chance to become anything more than undifferentiated clichés, given that their stories are crammed into one- or two-episode arcs, and show none of the quirky charm that each of Amagami’s heroines exhibited in spades. Even the mischievous comic relief that Kana Asumi so well delivered with every “nishishishi” is gone, replaced by a gaggle of idiotic clubmates that serves as a single, repetitive, unfunny joke. I won’t even get into how Photokano depicts neither the art nor the technique of photography remotely accurately. Just know that – especially if you’re, like me, a walking manifestation of the sunk cost fallacy – the show isn’t worth it.

The definitive guide to forms based website authentication

Stack Overflow’s community-written guide on how to properly implement cookie-based authentication. Count how many best practices your favorite website doesn’t adhere to, then despair as you realize that this list doesn’t even touch on things like CSRF.

(My posting this totally has nothing to do with anything I might have read about five minutes ago on my dashboard.)

Yuyushiki episode 7.

Dithering is hell.

Yahoo Agrees to Buy Tumblr

From The Wall Street Journal:

Yahoo Inc. has agreed to pay $1.1 billion for Tumblr, a six-year-old company with more than 100 million users but very little revenue, a deal that highlights the shifting balance of power in the technology business.

They deserve each other, don’t you think?

Yuyushiki episode 6. I’m not even half done watching it yet.
Yuyushiki episode 6.
Oreimo season 2, episode 6. Don’t let him out of those handcuf…
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Yuyushiki episode 5. Poor Yukari.
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