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Posts from December 2012

I have to say that this anime season has had a disappointing trend of otherwise stellar shows with less-than-stellar endings. First came Chuu2koi, whose conclusion wasn’t terrible, but went overboard in trying to re-establish the lighthearted tone of its first several episodes. Now we have My Little Monster, which was actually already struggling by about two-thirds of the way through the season – as the later episodes wore on, the key relationship between Haru and Shizuku just about stagnated, and the main cast’s antics lost their freshness as a result. I know there’s a possibility that the show’s producers are leaving open a hook for a second season, but the fact that they ran out of momentum partway through the first doesn’t speak well to a potential sequel’s prospects. With that in mind, I can only recommend watching My Little Monster if you stop about halfway through the series, while it’s still hilarious and quite perceptive.

That being said, it’s better than what I’m expecting from the three episodes of Say “I love you.” that I haven’t yet gotten around to.

Ow Ow Rikka-chan (Flash game)

Now you, too, can play the straight-man foil to Rikka Takanashi’s eighth-grade syndrome delusions with this handy Flash assistant.

(Also makes a good drum machine.)